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Hi, I'm Marion Sinclair-Simpson. Welcome to my profile!

Marion Sinclair-Simpson's Bio:

Marion Sinclair-Simpson is an award winning Author and Writer who specializes in Christian Spirituality and Theology.

Throughout her life Marion has worked tirelessly in areas of Social Justice.

The book Love Letters from God is an excellent example of storytelling which readers say has touched their hearts bringing them the realization of how deeply and profoundly God loves.

Solomon's Portico is a novel set in present day Victoria, British Columbia which has mysterious undertones from the past and re-opens the investigation of the suspicious death of a fourteenth century Catholic Monk. It is a page turner that cannot be put down.This is the first book in a  much anticipated Trilogy.


Marion Sinclair-Simpson's Experience:

Marion Sinclair-Simpson's Education:

Marion Sinclair-Simpson's Interests & Activities:

Writing about Social Justice: To Marion that means being a voice for the voiceless. Hiking in God's beautiful creation. Spending time with friends and family.

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